Grange Park

  • Year : 2016-2017
  • Location : Toronto
  • Client : Art Gallery of Ontario
  • Designer : PFS Studio (Vancouver)
  • Services : Construction & project management

Grange Park canopy gets new lease on life

Construction Project-management

Aldershot Landscape has helped rejuvenate Grange Park - the garden and playground adjacent to the Ontario Art Gallery - from top to bottom. The two-hectare urban park now boasts expanded kid-friendly structures and greatly enhanced green space.

The park - once the front lawn of the Boulton family home - had been bequeathed to the gallery in 1910. Over the many decades since, the area had fallen into disrepair and many of the trees had past their “best-before” dates, with major limb systems dying out.

Now, however, Aldershot has planted 82 new trees - including American elm, horse chestnut, beech and oak - injecting the canopy with a new lease on life.

And, to give local children a chance to have fun outdoors, Aldershot followed the creative direction of PFS Studio and installed an expanded play area in the Northeast corner of the park. This heavily art-influenced plaza includes a platform in the shape of a painter’s palette a tipped-over paint can forming a tunnel and a climbing structure inspired by balls of crumpled paper. But pride of places goes to an imaginative tower created by Ontario playrgound company, Earthscape. The coloured timbers are designed to look like giant charcoal crayons.

The playground design…reflects the spirit of the AGO and the creativity of its surroundings, and frankly it's just cool.
—AGO director and CEO Stephan Jost

Grange Park Gallery