Four Seasons Hotel

  • Year : 2016-2017
  • Location : Toronto
  • Client : Menkes Development
  • Designer : Claude Cormier Associates
  • Services : Construction & project management

Stone carpet evokes a 19th century aesthetic

Construction Project-management

When Aldershot Landscape created the landscape for the prestigious Toronto Four Seasons Hotel, part of the job involved laying out a stone “carpet.” One worker had to stand on the site calling out colours, as others arranged the 6x6 blocks of granite in various shades of grey, red and black. The result? A spectacular, oversized carpet, designed to evoke a 19th century aesthetic. And, in the centre of the tight, one-acre site, sits a huge, 4-storey red cast iron fountain built by a foundry in Alabama.

Adjacent to the hard surfaces is a rose-less Rose Garden with shrubs and trees - separated by a gently undulating path, designed to evoke a rose. Benches provide ideal resting spots for hotel guests or pedestrians to contemplate the beauty of the urban setting.

Working in such a small, city-based environment, presented particular challenges for Aldershot including accommodating subway grates, removing municipal sidewalks and building out to the road. Ensuring building and plant material arrived on time was part of Aldershot’s secret to success.

The clients of the hotel can look at it from the towers and the pedestrians can pass through the rose garden, where the swirl of petals defines pathways.
—Tahío Avila, Landscape Architects Network

Four Seasons Hotel Gallery